ULTRACOIT - Sex Church



– Periods
– Greasy Haircunt
– Bipolar slut
– Hipster Scatologist
– Zombie Porn
– A small desire
– Slave
– Vote Mr Dick
– Love letter
– Fucking obsessed

Recorded april 2013 by Manu Laffeach at Chaudelande, Saint-Pierre Église, France.
Mixed by Manu Laffeach.
Mastering by Benoît Courribet
Artwork by Yoann Puisségur.

Ultracoït uses two guitars, one bass guitar, one drumkit, five amps, lot of speakers, four microphones, and four assholes.


Co-prod : Rejuvenation / Day Off / Gabu Asso / Bruisson / Ocinatas Industries